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No Exit #28 with Chloé Lula

17 November 2020

This month’s No Exit explores guitar sounds from the ’70s and ’80s, focusing on bands from the UK and Australia’s nascent post-punk scenes.


Gil.Barte - D.A.L.O
Verboten - Sinful Women
panoptique - Alright
Simplists - Antenne de Stalingrad
Mein Glas Fabrik - Track No. 5
Molto Brutto - Chant
General Strike - Sea Hunt
Mystery Plane - Nosedive
After Hours - After Hours
Nasca - Kamayacha (Dub)
In The Nursery - Witness (To A Scream)
Die Atlantikscwimmer - Zimmer 43
The Vigil - Untitled 5
Unovidual & Friends - Kankende Doctrines
Wow Federation - Language Myth Marimba (Chari Vari)
Vena Cava - A Girlfriend Is ...
The Prams - Modern Man
Workforce - Skin Scraped Back
Fishwives - Bottle Breast
Skiftande Enheter - 33
I Scream Brothers - Avoid The Surgery
Scattered Order - No Mattresses In Heaven

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