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No Exit #9 w/ Chloé Lula

20 December 2018

To close out the year, No Exit celebrates the women of goth, post-punk, industrial and experimental music with a mix of songs by femme-led bands and female artists. It starts with bass guitarist Patricia Morrison of Gun Club and Sisters of Mercy and ends with the legendary Anne Clark. Thanks to the badass women making great music and shoutout to this article on for all of the awesome information on female goth music heroines <3

Chloé Lula:

No Exit:


Gun Club - For the Love of Ivy
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Israel
A.C. Marias - Drop
Boy Harsher - Crimea
Dead Can Dance - Dance of the Bacchantes
Lena Willikens - Orutu Run
Chris and Cosey - Synthesthesia
Boy Harsher - Love
Anne Clark - Our Darkness

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