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No Exit #8 with MEJLE

22 November 2018

MEJLE, the head of the Berlin-based record label Mechatronica, takes over this month’s edition of No Exit. Here he showcases his deep knowledge of experimental, wave, experimental ambient and electro with a diverse and super-sensual one and a half-hour mix. Mechatronica will be co-hosting an event with Pinkman at Griessmuehle on December 8, where you can check MEJLE out alongside Borusiade, Identified Patient, Kris Baha and more.




Lårry - Systems Online
Chihei Hatakeyama & Federico Durand - Ana
Khotin - Dotty
Weird Weather - Bamboo Room
Kruton - L'Escargot Dynamique
Eiskalte Engel - Mach Mich Nicht An Mann
Thomas Jackson - Copacabana’s Magic
Kluentah - Invasion
Elements Of Joy - In Every Man
Identified Patient - Weerloos
Balaban - 4
Das Ding - Kṣitigarbh
Danny Wolders - Lunch Rain
Danny Wolfers - A New Form Of Martial Arts
Obergman - Synchronicity
Equinox - Praxis Solar (Sneakers Kickin Overdub)
Das Ding - I Am Not A Robot
Cestrian - Strong Face

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