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No Thing Considered Concentricities (feat. Mike Gamble)

28 February 2022
  • Folk
  • Interview
  • Collage
  • Experimental
  • Industrial
  • Dark
  • Trippy
  • Playful

In “Concentricities (Mike Gamble” the center piece collage is from a conversation between Ben Luton and Mike Gamble, a multi-instrumentalist, guitar virtuoso, composer, videographer, and music curator (Creative Music Guild). Among other topics, appropriation is discussed, in the light of language games to underscore/muddy ethical considerations. Featuring works by Mike Gamble and Sponsor, with additional works by Ben Luton, Vockah Redu (remix), Coil (remaster), Lenny Breau, John Fahey, Bert Jansch, Julius Eastman (arranger), and Arthur Russell. Inspired by the American tradition of freeform radio, No Thing Considered is an experimental radio show that pushes back on content discrimination without subscribing to the language of American academics and American internet media. Its collages and other unique contents, lit by industrial music, Surrealist film, and Negativland, fall in any and all mediums of radio–(musical arrangement, oral history, DJ, journalism, curation, talk, radioplays, abstract/noise, and advertisement).

Mike Gamble 22.jpg


Sponsor – Jingeal Land 0:00
Lenny Breau – A New Electric Chair 1:14
Sponsor – In the Gates of DX 4:08
Ben Luton and Mike Gamble – Concentricities (A Conversation) 5:19
Sponsor – Concentric Roll Call 23:28
Bert Jansch – Twa Corbies 28:37
Mike Gamble – Nullfeed 31:35
Arthur Russell – Tower of Meaning ii 39:03
Mike Gamble – Othering 45:01
Mike Gamble – Capacious Status 48:03
Unlisted interviewer – Interview with John Fahey on Fonotone Records and Joe Bussard 50:39
John Fahey – The Transcendental Waterfall ii 52:39
Sponsor – Sistered Segue Cackle 57:45
Mike Gamble – Rotifer – 58:01
Lenny Breau – Five O'Clock Bells i 1:04:44
Sponsor –Circularright 1:06:20
Sponsor/Coil – Hellraiser Theme (Gluing RM) 1:08:27
Lenny Breau – Five O’Clock Bells ii 1:11:15