Weekly Schedule (CET)


11 June 2020
  • Disco
  • Electro
  • Experimental
  • Synth Pop
  • Atmospheric
  • Cinematic
  • Intense
  • Provocative
  • Urgent

This month the Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence explore the theme of escapism.


O.J.A.I. is a multi-nodal artistic practise in the form of a self-styled intelligence organisation operating between Brussels and Berlin. The work is fuelled by performative research in the fields of corporate architecture, urban planning, financial systems and ritualistic magic. O.J.A.I. work takes the form of performance, field-trips, installations, publications and a radio show.

ojai cashmere.jpg


1. Haroumi Hosono - Reggae Aegean Woman
2. Andrew Pekler - Rica de Ore (Phantom Islands)
3. Michael Barthel - Was ist das. Zufluchtsort (exerpt)
4. O.J.A.I. - Important Saints List
5. Cobra Killer - Cobra Movements
6. Amanda Lear - Dreamer (South Pacific)
7. Kraftwerk - Neonlichter
8. Maestro Ilaiyaraaja and The Electronic Sound of Kollywood
9. Patrick Cowley - Surfside Sex