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OBSCURED #16: “GUYARRHEA” with A. Susurration

02 May 2022
  • Art-Rock
  • Avant-Garde
  • Black Metal
  • Comedy
  • Darkwave
  • Atmospheric
  • Bombastic
  • Chaotic
  • Cold
  • Cynical


BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! All the requests for dude-vocal songs are metastasizing in our male sack and we need to get rid of ’em FAST—that’s why we’re flushing out our glut of dude-based bands today on OBSCURED Radio for Episode 16: “GUYARRHEA”. Join Denim P. as they get teste in the studio booth with a chode’s load of rare cassette and vinyl Male-Fronted Music—that’s right, these cassette and vinyl rarities are from MEN, and you’ll learn more about these oddball figures with the full D.P. treatment! What exactly IS a ‘A Man’?? We’ll probably find out, PLUS! The return of a very spec-SKULL guest???

Dedicated to the memory of Doug Halbert, aka BIRTH!. A male, a monster, and a magnificent friend.

OBSCURED 16.jpeg


G.G.F.H. - Night Prowler (AC/DC Cover)
Trevor Malcolm - Whole Lotta Love
Snapper - Death And Weirdness In The Surfing Zone
Lucky Baby Nick - Pan Rap
Jimmy Smack - Death Is Certain
Crust - Dealer Mike
Skippy The Butcher - Band-Aids (Demo)
Pression Fun - No Day Is Your Day
Death Among Friends - Roman Holiday
Crashing Wolf - Heat
Joy Before The Storm - Germantown Poms
Officine Schwartz - Apretuchar
Dub Sex - Instead Of Flowers (Dubmix)
9 Tage Alt - Magic Pan
Tristana La Fosa - Nothing Really Matters
34 Vampires - In This Church We Can't Remain
Oral Juice - Christine's Song
Truth Black Holes Band - The Reaper's Dream
Column One - Thee Leg Song
BIRTH! - I Said What I Can