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OBSCURED #33 “DICK” with Denim Pisser & Skull

27 May 2024
  • Comedy
  • Goth
  • Industrial
  • Minimal Synth
  • Post-punk
  • Dark
  • Gritty
  • Jacking
  • Psychedelic
  • Strange

The boils are back in town! Join suppurating wad Denim P and the bone-betrayer itself Skull as they crank out all our Y-chromo cuts we never play—from fellas to lads, they've got the bads to make your goods rot-hot. Strap on your nearest jock and say a men!



Flasketuten Peker På - Touch Me, I Want To Feel Your Body
Andre De Saint Obin - Dance Till You Die
Liquid Pink - Reptiles
Maxence Cyrin - Industry Of Darkness
Brain Leisure - Discipline Us
Alien Waveform - Fourty
Jellowaste - Doktr Sleeeze
A'Loving Owen - Do The Hotpants
Greens Restaurant - Allt Är Så Bra
Tranquil Eyes - Walks
Clench - He Was Pushed
Steinhardt - Her Name is...
Axa Vanea - Recita per me
Some Now Are - A Nightmare's Dream
Plastic Eye Miracle - Persuasion
Eat - Let's
Elevator To Hell - Deteriorate
N.R. Hills - The Triumph Of Death
Everlasting Happy Life - Death Deceiving
Communion - Their Despair in Gentle Things