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OBSCURED #6 with A. Susurration

30 March 2021

Join us as we delve into the most taboo subject on the illegal dark market, with a deep-dive on DRUG. We’ll deliver some hot tips on how to deal with a cocainated bar patron from new correspondent Haunch Griddles, interrogate a real-life cop, get our chakrams centered as we meditate on mankind’s follies, and vibe off on some Grade-A donk zonkers from the most messed-up selection of rare psychedelic darkness we could pack in one bowl. 


Dressed Up Animals - Entrée
Leven Signs - Sedes Sapientiae
Doll Parts - The Fall
IVE - Take Me To Your Alchemist
Crawling With Tarts - Bones
DADA 2 - Tumors
Brilliant Pebbles - The Cougar's Secret Door (Demo)
Sharon Gannon & David Life - Oxidation of Lipids
Current Obsessions - Woe-Man
Swamp Children - Flesh
Dementia Precox - Mines
Nyrabakiga - Cor Corora
Plant Bach Ofnus - Pydredd (Rot)
Ark Of Bone - A Dream of Meat
Mauve Sideshow - The Shimmering (excerpt)
Marnie - The Passionate One
Karen Finley - Sacred Meat
ZEROSE - Mallade
Waterfinder - Hurdy-Gurdy Man
Mind/Body/Split - Save You'll Save