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OBSCURED #8 with A. Susurration

01 June 2021
  • Ambient
  • Art-Rock
  • Avant-Garde
  • Comedy
  • Darkwave
  • Atmospheric
  • Bombastic
  • Celebratory
  • Chaotic
  • Cold


💦 Got Gripes? So does Manœuvres Moist, and they’re gonna tell you all about it in their Moist Minute!

💀 SKULL drops more HD skulledge on The Bone Break!

🍴About to be a New Father? I’ve got all the tips, so schedule your Pap ear for my 411!

🎧 And a selection of #rare #cassette and #vinyl darkness to get that party started and then bury it in the cold, dead earth!

OBSCURED 08.jpeg


Igor's Night Off - We're Having A Party
Ceilings Below - Realism
Secret Life - Dashboard
Helter Skelter - The Party
Chow Chow - Hide and Smile
Red Zoo - Help Me
Julie Wachtel - You Disappear Me
Khmer Rouge - Disco Suicide
Miracle Cave - Paralysed Dance
Judy Rifka - It's True
Neither/Neither World - All That Is Dying
Mourning Sickness - Mask
Night Soil Man - Sick Animal
Heather Perkins - Darkness (Excerpt)
Rituals Into The Fire - Journey Through Darkness, Searching For the Sky
Chrystal Belle Scrodd - Reach For Your Gun
The Funeral Factory - People Need To Be Killed
The Killing Fields - Somnambulism
Vicious Circle - No Rest
Roderick - Last Dance
The Death And Beauty Foundation - Kill Appeal