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OBSCURED #11 with A. Susurration

31 August 2021
  • Art-Rock
  • Avant-Garde
  • Comedy
  • Cut Up/DJ
  • Darkwave
  • Atmospheric
  • Chaotic
  • Cold
  • Cynical
  • Dark


🤳🏽 No Guests, No Masters—except YA’LL, as I cut through the craw’s maw of BlahBlahBlah and give you what you’ve been asking for—from shoegazey melan-crow-lia to darkwave which is from the ’90s instead of the ’80s, this episode is for all the Original Gs: the Goths!

🦇 I got some of the type of goth known as ‘gloomwave’ or ‘doomer’ sent in special from one of the extremely black-and-white parts of Europe, and we even bring out the fella type of music for a little song, a little dance, Batman head and my friend Lance! We’re all here waiting for you—press play for your free Hot Topic gift card.



Octave Twilight - Memories of Yesterday
Three Clouds In The Sky - A Veil Of Haze
Crashblack Big Orange - Rain
December Flowers - Twisting & Turning
Scythe - Amazing Coyote
Harry - Caos (Demo)
Hetch Hetchy - Catscan
Astral Bodies - Tarrentella
Dix Tiau Pia - The Shadow
Tropikorps - Day Dream Like Anais
9353 - Viva La Sleaze
Flesh - My Boy Lollipop
The Gymslips - Evil Eye
The Shadow Dance - Hologram Song
The Smoking Mirror - Acid Filth
Наумахија - Почеток
Spindle Shanks - Me The Hate
Domácí Kapela - Pultón A Stroj - Buď Zdráv
Morbus Kitahara - The Eternal Snake
Mantra - S.H.O.T.