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Off Space/On Air #2 w/ Audrey Chen (Live) & Abhijan Toto + Dennis Dizon

21 March 2022
  • Arts & Culture
  • Avant-Garde
  • Deep House
  • Poetry
  • Dark
  • Doomy
  • Dreamy
  • Laid-Back
  • Soulful

off space / on air #2

welcome to the studio:

Audrey Chen (live) & Abhijan Toto, Dennis Dizon, moderation by HMOT.

A deep inside in climate sensitive karaoke & and favorite recipes.

Notes to the score interpretation:

Audrey Chen: – four score sheets. the remix of the master stencil with the 67 face.

the you are unique score, the mirrored hook and a remix of the turle score.

the sheets were laying next to each other on the floor. synth & vocals.

Audrey merged all the 4 sheets in one.

as a friend of the copyworkshop she has been around already a few times

and has a bit more inside in the process and 3 of 4 sheets were already remixes.

therefore she applied the method of copying to approach her interpretation .



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