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Sonic Extremism

15 February 2021

O.J.A.I. is joined by special guest Merle Vorwald from the artists’ network ENCORE. She presents tracks by transgender speedcore DJ and producer LizN’Eliaz (1958-2001) from Belgium aka the “Queen of Terror”. The tracks were gathered in the course of ENCORE’s IS IT DARK project which investigated Liza’s sonic and personal biography.


1. Liza N’Eliaz Is it Dark
2. Liza N Eliaz Alice in Dondoland
3. Liza N’Eliaz Loopera
4. Liza N’Eliaz Pawlow
5. Liza N’Eliaz CTRL 3
6. Underground (with Pieter Kuyn) Underground Garden
7. Liza N.Eliaz Silikon Skin
8. Dexia Defunct Progress Numbers

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