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Sonic Artefacts

10 May 2021
  • Avant-Garde
  • Experimental
  • Atmospheric

This O.J.A.I. special is all about Musique Concrete, a style of composition using found sounds as raw material. We play music based on bees, birds and fish, on electromagnetic frequencies, on water, public transport and on the urban environment.

With tracks by Jorn Ebner, Anna Schimkat & Michael Barthel, Worran, Pierre Schaeffer, K.H. Stockhausen, Ruben Bass and O.J.A.I.



O.J.A.I. P.I.S.A., commented
Jorn Ebner Terpsichore
Anna Schimkat & Michael Barthel A vochel wo rät (exerpt)
Worran nk
Pierre Schaeffer Etude aux chemins de fer
O.J.A.I. Nord Robocity Remix (Intermerz Collective, M-K Nagy)
Claire Williams and Julien Poidevin Oscillations
Chris Dreier Etude de Toilette
O.J.A.I. Sounds for Babies
Ruben Bass MUU
Karl-Heinz Stockhausen Etude