Weekly Schedule (CET)

Codeword Charleroi

30 August 2021
  • Avant-Garde
  • Experimental
  • Post-punk
  • Synth Pop
  • Dreamy

O.J.A.I’s August show is dedicated to our favourite city of all times, the infamous capital of Belgium’s rust belt, Charleroi! This is the city of abandoned infrastructure, decaying industry, mechanical monsters, resurgent nature, human resilience and karaoke solidarity. We will be playing spoken word and music tracks created especially for the show by our sonic allies on various field trips as well as treasures from the city’s alternative music scene past and present. 



Sound piece by Rik Peeters
Alain Neffe describing Charleroi
Untitled Track by Kosmose
I hate my town by SIC
Suffering by Pseudo Code
Charleroi Track by Chris Dreier, Gary Farrelly and Tim Löhde
Pays De Charleroi by Mary-L
Jimena Perez Salerno describing Charleroi
Porque te vas by Jeanette
Anapaula Camargo describing Charleroi
Chloe Janssens describing Charleroi
Inga Nielsen describing Charleroi
Wicked Game (cover) by Goshnack & Von Karman Synthwave
Charleroi Stroll by Burqamachines
Do the dead fly dance by Duflan Duflan
Untitled Track by Jorn Plucieniczak