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Mad Collectors

13 June 2022
  • Industrial
  • Experimental
  • Dark
  • Gritty

O.J.A.I.'s June show is curated by Daniel Shushan, DJ, musician, vinyl collector and member of the O.J.A.I. Radio Listening Club RLC. He is also part of a small group of Tel Aviv-based mad record collectors who have probably the most comprehensive collection of experimental music in the world. He selected an hour of music spanning the industrial genre. @faded voyage



Throbbing Gristle - WeaponTraining/See you are
Monte Cazzaza - To mom on mothers day
Chrystal Belle Schrod - Split
Ultra - Subway etiquette
Hiroshima Chair- Tu
Die form - Red action
Storm bugs- Tin
Metabolist - Zordan Returns
Esplendor geometrico - El acero del partido 1
Sleep chamber - Kiss the whip
Konstruktivists - Free form fetish
Controlled Bleeding - The Heretic And The Christs Of Violence
Severed Heads - Never fall in Love
Faded Voyage - DRILLERS
P16.D - Chinin
Kangoroo Kourt - Interstellar static
Foetus-Industrial - Go-slow