Weekly Schedule (CET)

Brussels Calling

08 August 2022
  • Experimental
  • Noise
  • Electro
  • Commissioned Works
  • Gritty
  • Hypnotic
  • Melancholy

A selection of underground music from the city of grey concrete and beige administration compiled by O.J.A.I. Sud. All tracks came from sonic allies and colleagues from Brussels vibrant contemporary DIY music scene.



Dexia Defunct - Brussels Calling
Opya - live(extract)
De Tapijttegels - Ik Hoef Het U Nauwelijks Te Zeggen 
Mercedes and the Grind - Ca va bien mais ca va mal
Dani Cosmic- Rencontrer des Gens
Daisy Darkpark - Doggy On A Leash 
Federico Luz - Pan
Céline Gillain - Bad Woman
Rik Peeters - Vita Contemplativa
Bâton de Joie (XTR-TRZ) - Vocolav 
Brussels Sound Revolution – Qui....? 
Charlene Darling - nk
Adeline Cros - Goodbye Myself
GLOW!(Stitch & Co) - MST