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Argument Special

23 January 2023
  • Spoken Word
  • Post-punk
  • Experimental
  • Intense

This month’s show revolves around the theme of arguments. For your listening pleasure O.J.A.I. has compiled songs, music and archive material inspired by heated or angry exchanges and contested points of view.

Dispute by Jim Taylor.jpg


Pan Am Training Video
A Split Second - Teargas and Champagne
Jilted John - Gordon is a Moron
Connie Marble Interview - John Waters
The Books - A Cold Freezin' Night
Billy Nomates - No
Michael Barthel - Immer krieg ich
Micha Barthel & Ulrike Uhlig - Kleene Texte Große Fresse
Exerpt from Alex Jones Trial
Barbie and the Kens - Stepping Stone
Delta 5 - Mind your own business
Cobra Killer- Let's have a problem         
Monthy Python - The Argument
Cabaret Voltaire — Don't Argue
The B-52's - Quiche Lorraine
Sleaford Mods x Mairie Black
Bridesmaids Argument
Oisin Byrne - The Glamorous Truth
Fela Kuti - Water no get Enemies