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Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence #49 Telephone Tremors

21 January 2024
  • Experimental
  • Post-punk
  • Soundtrack
  • Non-Music
  • Chaotic
  • Playful
  • Urgent

O.J.A.I. presents TELEPHONE TREMORS, featuring highly experimental music recorded using telephone handsets, automatic voices, messages and answering machines. Listen to an hour of tracks inspired by telecommunications technology including O.J.A.I.’s new telephone hotline.



Get Carter theme - Roy Budd 
On the Air - Brume
Ich hänge hier am Telefon - Brandstifter
Telefonsucht - Technostria
Picture Phone - Rupert Hines
Paranormal voice on the answer machine - recorded by Manfred Boden
Spielregeln - Runzelstirn und Gurgelstock
Telephoone - Mnomized
If God were alive you could reach him by Telephone - Paul  deMarinis
Callgirl - Siegmar Fricke
Heute ist unser Team sehr gefragt - Brandstifter
Telefon - Andre Szigethy
The world at your fingertips - Nokia Commercial
Hand to Phone - Adult
Telephone - Sex Worker 
Leave me Alone - Kari Faux
Introducing the I-Phone - Steve Jobs
Break - DSIP