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Open Sources #1: Prison Songs

29 May 2018
  • Blues
  • Traditional/Religious
  • Talk Show
  • Jazz
  • Experimental
  • Dark
  • Intense
  • Melancholy
  • Soulful

First episode of Open Sources presents a selection of prison work songs, as well as interviews of prisoners about the music they play. A few contemporary musicians are introduced, whose practice relate to this music, and the listener gets to know the context surrounding these songs as well as their link to slavery.

Episode 1


Early in the Mornin’
Nina Simone - Be my husband
Interview: The creation of "I'm going home"
I’m going home
Joe Savage - Bad Luck is Killing Me
Bessie Smith - Story of a slave who asked the devil to take his master
Matana Roberts - Libation for Mr. Brown: Bid Em In…
Alexander Carence - Disability Boogie-Woogie
Henry Flynt - Celestial Power
Whoa Buck
Interview: What Makes a Work Song Leader?
Jumpin’ Judy
Interview: How I got in the Penitentiary
Interview: About Prison Singers
James "Iron Head" Baker - Black Betty
Po Boy Blues
Bill Orcut - Lip Rich
Tom Waits - Hell Broke Luce