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Open Sources #2: Religious Music and Music for the Everyday

26 June 2018
  • Arts & Culture
  • Blues
  • Traditional/Religious
  • Talk Show
  • Experimental
  • Dark
  • Intense
  • Mystical
  • Soulful

The second episode of Open Sources presents a selection of religious music, as well as daily life music and some complementary interviews of Vera Hall. A few contemporary musicians are introduced, whose practice relates to this music, and the listener gets to know the context surrounding these songs.

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Po Lazarus
Bertha Smith and the Moving Star Hall Singers - Eli, Eli (Somebody Call Eli)
Diamanda Galas - Let my People go
Moses, don’t get lost
Heavenly Gospel Singers - Let Jesus Fix It
I wonder will we meet again
Steve Reich - It’s gonna rain
Clyde Maxwell's wood-chopping holler #1
Little Sally Walker
Vera Hall - Mama’s gonna buy
Commentary by Vera Hall on her feelings when she sings
Vera Hall - Trouble so hard
Commentary by Vera Hall on Blind Jesse and why people sing
Vera Hall - Boll Weevil Holler
Jim and John
Old Devil’s dream
James "Junior" Thomas - Pepsi bottle fox chase #2
Napolian Strickland - Diddley-bow medley
Ellen Fullman - Swingen
James Hall - World War II toast
Amiri Baraka - Dope
Belton Sutherland - Blues #2
Captain Beefheart - Moonlight on Vermont