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Open Sources #24: Underground Music in China w/ Subtropical Asia

28 April 2020
  • Arts & Culture
  • Avant-Garde
  • Electronic
  • Indie
  • Post-punk
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Cab is the special guest of this twenty-fourth episode of Open Sources. Founder of Subtropical Asia, a platform and production house that celebrates subculture across Asia, she invited William Griffith from LiveChinaMusic to join her in presenting a selection of contemporary underground music from China from the past 10 years. Their selection spans across different genres, with a focus on indie music. They also discuss Cab’s experience in the underground music scene while growing up in Wuhan and discovering the many bands of the “golden era” of the underground in Beijing, additionally highlighting rising new labels such as Svbkvlt.

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1. Retros —— Viva Murder
2. Carsick Cars —— Guang Chang (No Future Square)
3. Chinese Football —— 电动少女
4. Hiperson —— 鸭子
5. Stolen —— Why we chose to die in Berlin
6. Cheesemind —— Solar
7. South Acid Mimi —— 白日梦与玻璃心
8. Wang Wen —— Mail from the river
9. Chui Wan —— The landscape the tropics never had
10. Hai Qing —— 放鸽子
11. Howie Lee —— Tomorrow cannot be waited
12. 33EMYBW —— Ship of the Theseus
13. Dirty Fingers —— Undercover cop
14. SMZB—— 10,000 ways to rebel

15. Me:Mo - Pro.a
16. Gooooose - Arp Kicks