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Open Sources #26: Indonesian Long Forgotten Songs w/ Wok the Rock & Vandy Rizaldy

23 June 2020
  • Arts & Culture
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Wok the Rock is the guest of this twenty-sixth episode of Open Source. Multimedia artist and founder of the label Yes No Wave based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, he made a selection telling the story of music composed by the composers of the Indonesian leftist artist organisation Lekra in the ‘60s, and performed by choral groups Ansambel Gembira and Orkes Kutilang. After the coup d’état in October 30th, 1965 the artists were imprisoned and their works were banned. Wok’s research informed his project with the female survivors choral group Dialita, he included 4 remake songs of them including collaborations with contemporary artists. Throughout the episode he will have a conversation with Vandy Rizaldy, also known under his musician name David Ryzalin.

Please support the artists directly:

Yes No Wave bandcamp: https://yesnowave.bandcamp.com/

David Ryzalin bandcamp: https://lembahotak.bandcamp.com/

An in-depth article sent by Wok:

LEKRA and ensembles. Tracing the Indonesian musical stage, Rhoma Dwi Aria Yuliantri : http://staffnew.uny.ac.id/upload/198207042010122004/penelitian/Heirs+to+World+Culture+_pt.pdf

Recommended watch:

The Act of Killing, Joshua Oppenheimer (2012) : https://youtu.be/-349HTKhPno



Ansambel Gembira - NASAKOM Bersatu
Orkes Kutilang - Madju Sukarelawan
Orkes Kutilang - RESOPIM
Ansambel Gembira - Tanah Air
Ansambel Gembira - Sin Sin So
Ansambel Gembira - Lorae Lorae
Ansambel Gembira - Suburlah Tanahku
Ansambel Gembira - Tahanusankara
Orkes Kutilang - Sorak2 Bergembira
Orkes Kutilang - Mars Pantjasila
Orkes Kutilang - Halo2 Bandung
Dialita and Kroncongan Agawe Santosa - Taman Bunga Pelantungan
Dialita and Sisir Tanah, Frau, Lintang Radittya - Di Kaki-kaki Tangkuban Perahu
Dialita and Sisir Tanah - Padi Untuk India
Dialita and Nadya Hatta, Prihatmoko Catur, Lintang Radittya - Asia Afrika Bersatu