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Open Sources #3: Appalachian Music and Minor Languages

24 July 2018
  • Blues
  • Traditional/Religious
  • Talk Show
  • Experimental
  • Arts & Culture
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  • Intense

The third episode of Open Sources presents a selection of music from the Appalachia. The last half an hour focuses on Alan Lomax’s Parlametrics project, a free online resource dedicated to saving languages in danger of extinction containing about 600 examples. A few contemporary musicians are introduced, whose practice relates to this music, and the listener gets to know the context surrounding these recordings.

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Ms. Ora, Nathaniel Rahmings, Hobart Smith, Ed Young - I Got a Home
Tommy Jarrell - Cumberland Gap
Dink Roberts - Fox Chase Old Rattler
Paul Metzger - Emel
Vaughn Eller - Cindy
Cas Wallin - Pretty Saro
Hobart Smith - The Devil's Dream
Laurie Spiegel - Patchwork
John Kilby Snow - Wildwood Flower
Nimrod Workman - Mother Jones Will
"Willie" & Unidentified men - Dogging steel
Philipp Jeck - Pax
Parlametrics: Orejon
Georges Aperghis - Récitation n° 12
Parlametrics: Aukan
Georges Aperghis - Récitation n°3
Georges Aperghis - Récitation n°10, partie gauche
Parlametrics: Mufian
Peter Ablinger - Voices and Piano: n°18. Ilya Prigogine
Meredith Monk - Memory Song