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Open Sources #7: Eastern Europe / Soviet Union

11 December 2018
  • Arts & Culture
  • Avant-Garde
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Folk
  • Atmospheric
  • Celebratory
  • Exotic
  • Intense

The seventh episode of Open Sources presents a selection of music that Alan Lomax and Constantin Brăiloiu recorded in Eastern Europe, mostly during Soviet Union times. A few contemporary musicians whose practice relates to this music are introduced, as well as the Polish Radio Experimental Studio and the label Melodya, and the listener gets to know the context surrounding these songs.

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Recording by Constantin Brăiloiu - Bocet
Recording by Constantin Brăiloiu - Funeral Song for a Girl (Romanian-Speaking Ukranian)
Alan Lomax archives - Commentary on Mustraturi Pentru Sezatoare (II)
Alan Lomax archives - Mustraturi Pentru Sezatoare (II)
Alan Lomax archives - Mustraturi Pentru Sezatoare (III)
Le mystère des voix bulgares - Dva Shopska Dueta
Alan Lomax archives - Strigaturi (Cries After Drinking Cognac)
Alan Lomax archives - Purtata Cu Strigaturi
Béla Bartók - Romanian folk dances (3. Andante)
Zavoloka - Exhale
Valentina Goncharova - Dance of Shiva
György Ligeti - Musica Ricercata IX (in memoriam Béla Bartók)
Alan Lomax archives - Shaure (Bashkir Folk Music)
Edward Artemiev - Meditation (Stalker soundtrack)
Leon Theremin demonstrates the Thereminvox
Ryszard Szeremeta - PULSE RATE
Alan Lomax archives - Kuskun Kara Ezhimeining Kulaanaida Syrga-la Bar (My Darling Has Earrings)
Alan Lomax archives - Kharada Gidg Shovun (The Swallow)
Alan Lomax archives - Saglp Kharha Namchta (Thin-Spreading Pine)
Alan Lomax archives - Khadrachikhna Bi (Khadrachin Dance)
Sven Grunberg & Mess - A1 Hingus + B1 Algus (from Mess EP)
Alan Lomax archives - Soruk Bollur Yryata (The Song Of The Messenger)
Recording by Constantin Brăiloiu - Dance Kolo Double Flute Dvoinitze