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Open Sources #8: Western Europe

08 January 2019
  • Arts & Culture
  • Avant-Garde
  • Drone
  • Electronic
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  • Celebratory
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  • Meditative

The eighth episode of Open Sources presents a selection of music from West Europe, mainly from France and Scotland via the Alan Lomax archives and the Base Inter-Régionale du Patrimoine Oral (database in french). A few contemporary musicians whose practice relates to this music are introduced and the listener gets to know the context surrounding these songs.



Brigitte Fontaine - L'auberge
Air à la vielle - Opus 10 n°3
Yann Gourdon - BAB - octobre 2013
Marie Soulier - Le premier jour de mes noces
Golem Mécanique - Souvenir de la maison défunte
Lomax Archive - An Raibh Tu ag an gCarraig (Were You At The Rock?) (II)
Erwan Keravec - No Time
Lomax Archive - 79th's Farewell To Gibraltar
Lomax Archive - Come Up And See My Garret (II)
Ivor Cutler - Life in a Scotch Sitting Rood, Vol.2 EP.II
Nico - Abschied
Bach - Well-tempered Clavier: Prelude and fugue no.2 in c minor (played by Glen Gould)
Ellen Arkbro - For Organ and Brass
Akira Rabelais - 1671 Milton Samson 1122 Add Thy Spear, A Weavers Beam, And Seven-Times-Folded Shield