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Pass The Aux #38 – LQ Fifi Takeover

31 October 2020
  • Bass Music
  • Grime
  • Hardcore
  • Hip Hop
  • Rap
  • Dark
  • Atmospheric
  • Gritty

LQ FIFI Takeover

DJ LoQual & Fifi met through the queer techno scene in Boston. They bonded over their love of sweaty basements, fat beats, and pork dumplings. Since then they’ve been honing their remote B2B game, wetransferring pan-genre hard, hot, dark vibes across the Atlantic. At last, LQ FiFi were finally reunited in Berlin earlier this month! They are v ecstatic to bring you their first proper radio mix, chock full o’ hip-hop x club x grab-bag-bangers. Huge thank you to Kikelomo for putting together such a vibe of a monthly show! xx LQ Fifi

Fifi: soundcloud.com/fifionthebeat

DJ LoQual: soundcloud.com/illlharris