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Pass The Aux #42 w Folly Ghost & Jessika Khazrik

15 May 2021
  • Bass Music
  • Avant-Garde
  • Electronic
  • Funk/Soul
  • Bombastic

Folly Ghost s back on the Cashmere Radio airwaves with the 42nd edition of Pass the Aux! “I’m interviewing the indisciplinary artist, writer, technologist, producer and DJ Jessika Khazrik. In the first half hour we will talk about her latest project Pharmakopoeia: a public compendium on the interlinks between remedies and media prepared in light of our post-coronial search for healing. The work is shaped in a series of seven 5 minute videos available at the Video on Demand section from @rewirefestival festival where they first debuted. After our chat, Jessika will bless us with a 30 minute mix and following that you can listen to me haunting the CDJs with tracks from @vhoorvictor , @dinamarca117 , @larinhx and more.”