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Past Forward #18 w/ Ali Arbeit & Jochen Discomeyer

11 May 2018
  • Ambient
  • Dub
  • EBM
  • Electro
  • Experimental
  • Dark
  • Flowing

This months episode is dedicated to the awesome group of people behind a bar and cultural hub called Gelegenheiten Berlin. Besides the fact that these guys gave us the great opportunity to stream our extended christmas episode from there, they had their 12th anniversary these days. To share our love for the oldest non-profit & community-driven institution in the gentrified Neukölln area, we invited our friend and Gelegenheiten-member Ali Arbeit to speak about the project itself, the anniversary-fundraiser called Tiles at Fiese Remise and – of course – to bless us with a selection of his current favorites. Apart from his work for Gelegenheiten Ali also co-runs the freshly founded Label In City And In Forest which just dropped it’s first LP by Erik Jähalli a few days ago. 

Sit back and relax – there are quite some topics to cover and some delicate tracks to listen!



with tracks by Heinz Leonardsberger, Erik Jähalli, Herler, Ahu, Die Wilde Jagd, Zru Vouge, Giuseppe Leonardi, Joachim Witt and more...