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Past Forward #54 with ZK Bucket

3 April 2021

ZK Bucket, owner of Zaun Records, offers an insane selection of german tunage from the moist cellars of the seventies and eighties.

More info about ZKB:

ZK Bucket started making electronic music around 1993 with cubase on the atari, an akai sampler and a cheap casio keyboard. “That was pretty much my setup for 5 years”. He filled dozens of cassette tapes with selfmade tracks. It was around the same time that he got in touch with techno through a radioshow called clubnight, broadcasted from Frankfurt every saturday night. Sven Väth would play sets there once in a while. October 1993 PCP had a show on the

clubnight and had an huge impact: their attitude, the ruff mixing, the mostly selfreleased trax, the jingles, the hole show was in your face. The dark and mystic music by PCP and especially the mover markes ZKB’s taste of sound till today.

His Dj Sets are loaded with percussive elements and gritty drums. Always carrying the spirit of tekkno being something futuristic and the joy to experiment and push sound design further. ZKB selects the tracks in an associational approach and combines older rare jams with newer productions an fresh promo material. He loves to surprise his audience from time to time risking that it might shake one out of his tunnel.


Tracks included by Klaus Schulze, Frische Farbe, Graf + ZYX...

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