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Past Forward #24 w/ Frinda Di Lanco, Cptn Kurtis Maxfield & J. Discomeyer

15 December 2018

Even though it was a pretty sad fact, that Menqui and Kryptic DJ couldn’t be with us for the annual End-Of-The-Year-Episode, this one is still a personal thing. Jochen decided to keep the family vibe alive and invited his fellows Frinda Di Lanco and Kptn Kurtis Maxfield to the cashmere-headquarters to play some 2018-favorites and reflect on the year music-wise. The outcome is a pretty pleasant ride through soulful synth-oddities, latin gems, funny side-notes and those special records, we love so much. Looking forward to be reunited in 2019 folks!


1. Kombi - Oczekiwanie Na Odlot
2. ES - Dream
3. Susan Mazer & Dallas Smith - Ritual
4. Les McCann ‎- Soaring Pt. 2
5. Tropical Band - Sea Breeze
6. Los Jaivas - Guajira Cosmica
7. Vinicius+Bethania+Toquinho - A Tonga Da Mironga Do Kabulete
8. Yves Simon - Au Pays Des Merveilles De Juliet
9. Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem Pour Un Con
10. Jochen Bauer Group & Tender Aggression - Inner Port To Outer Space
11. Christian Bruhn - Wetten,dass...?
12. Sandra Haas - Der Meister
13. Jasmin Bonnin - Ich Will Es Eben Manchmal Wissen
14. Joe Thomas - A Place In Space
15. Theophiles - Du Bist Mir Nah
16. Batteaux - High Tide
17. Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson - Back Home
18. Shawn Phillips - I Don't Want To Leave You I Just Came To Say Goodbye
19. Sound Control - Vehicle
20. Donatella Viggiano - Napule Canta E More
21. The Majeks - Korup Forest (In Africa)

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