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Past Forward Past Forward #28 – The Meditation Project w/ Yoflaminga

06 April 2019
  • Ambient
  • New Age
  • Experimental
  • Meditative
  • Sensual
  • Ethereal

For this very special edition of Past Forward Jochen Discomeyer invited his Yoga-Teacher Jenny Hirtz aka Yoflaminga, to realize a project on which we were working quite some time now: A music-driven and voice-guided mind journey. Jenny is a constant figure in Berlins yoga-scene leading different classes in Friedrichshain and also gathered some experience with sessions involving live musicians. But working together with a DJ (and therefore music which isn’t improvised) has been a new experience for her. The live performance at the headquarters was pure magic and so we are more than happy to finally share the recording with you.

Past Forward #28 6.4.2019.png


Hiroshi Yoshimura - Horizon I've Ever Seen Before
Takashi Kokubo - Ocean Breeze
Klaus Schoenning - Pyxis
Software - Island Sunrise
Angophora - Early Bird
Joan Bibiloni - La Espanola
Mark Barrot - Sacred Islands
Man Parrish - Watersports
Midori Takada - Mr. Henri Rousseau's Dream
Mark Barrot - Cirrus & Cumulus
Carlos Maria Trindade and Nuno Canavarro - Blu Terra
Stroer Duo - Vietnam
Eiger Drums Propaganda - La Fin Non Triste
Red Sun - Honey From The Baka
Reinhard Lakomy ‎- Das Geheime Leben
Samo DJ & Maxxxbass ‎- Transfer 2 Nangijala
Finis Africae - Ceremonia Magica en el Estanque
Deuter - Extasy
Eliseo Parra - Noche Tranquila Y Serena