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Pattern Dissection #10

14 July 2018

jazz records and related sounds of an improvised nature.


Gnod - Why Don't You Smile Like the Other Children? (Blackest Rainbow)
Liudas Mockunas / Jacek Mazurkiewicz / Håkon Berre - Elven (Astral Spirits)
Stephanie Richards - Snare (Relative Pitch)
RyokoSam - パイププレイ (Raw Tonk)
Cactus Truck - Fetzer (Not Two)
N.E.W. - Untitled 3 (Ni Vu Ni Connu)
Loz Speyer's Inner Space - Long Road (Leo)
N.A.D.M.A. - Homage To Amilcar Cabral (Die Schachtel)
François Tusques - Dialogue I (Cacophonic)
Twinkle³ - Debris in L.E.O. (Cuspeditions)
Sudo Quartet - Sudo 5 (NoBusiness)
Ingrid Schmoliner / Elena Kakaliagou - Schlangenfrau (Corvo)
Tom Prehn Quartet - Axiom II (Rune Grammofon)

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