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Pattern Dissection #17

26 January 2019
  • Avant-Garde
  • Improv
  • Jazz
  • Playful
  • Intense

jazz records and related sounds of improvised nature.



Kazue Sawai / Michel Doneda / Kazuo Imai / Lê Quan Ninh / Tetsu Saito - A Chance for Shade (Les Disques VICTO)
Infinite Sound - Do It All (Aguirre)
Don Cherry - Relativity Suite Part One (Caprice)
Peter Lemer Quintet - In the Out (ESP-Disk)
Maki Hachiya / Shota Koyama / Yuta Yokoyama / Hugues Vincent - Ohayo… (Improvising Beings)
Matthew Shipp Trio - The Multiplication Table (Hat Hut)
Makoto Kawashima - Untitled (An’archives)
Yana - The People (Two Rivers)
Sons of Kemet - My Queen is Ada Eastman (Impulse!)
Ornette Coleman / Don Cherry / Jimmy Garrison / Ed Blackwell - Harlem's Manhattan (Atlantic)
Spontaneous Music Ensemble - Oliv II (Marmalade / Emanem)
Chris Corsano / Bill Orcutt - She Punched a Hole in the Moon for Me (Palilalia)