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Pattern Dissection #18 (guest: Harald Thiemann)

23 February 2019

jazz records and related sounds of improvised nature. 

and an interview with Harald Thiemann (in German), the co-owner of WATT, Berlin.


Friedhelm Schönfeld Trio - Manchmal scheint's als ob (FMP / Song Cycle)
Barrel - Rigwiddie Snauchle Strikes Again in Style (Emanem)
Big Shit & The Posse of Slow Funk - Beat Mung (unreleased)
Big Shit & The Posse of Slow Funk - Material (unreleased)
Captain Beefheart - Hot Head (Virgin)
Sun Ra & His Solar-Myth Arkestra - The Satellites Are Spinning (BYG / Charly)
Miles Davis - Sivad (Columbia)
Alex Ward Item 10 - Volition (Copepod)
Club Jazz Debakel - Native Subject (Amicord)
Michihiro Sato / John Zorn - Haguregumo (Yukon / Tzadik)

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