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Pattern Dissection #2

4 November 2017

jazz records and related sounds of an improvised nature.


Graham Dunning & Dirk Serries - Live at De Singer (Raw Tonk)
Roger Turner & Yukihiro Isso - Takanehishigu 2 (Otoroku)
Nate Wooley & Seymour Wright - About Trumpet and Saxophone 9 (Fataka)
André Vida / Elisabeth King / Clayton Thomas / Steve Heather - Staring Intently (Pan)
Nick Mazzarella Trio - Abacus and Astrolabe (International Anthem)
Jaimie Branch - ...Meanwhile + Theme 002 (International Anthem)
Charles Gayle Trio - March of April (Northern Spy)
Brendan Lopez / Chris Corsano / Sam Yulsman - 20.21 (Tombed Visions)
Lars Danielsson - Fred (Dragon)
Eli Keszler - Corresponding Probably to Quanta (Empty Editions)
Jun Kawasaki - Come On, Improvise Intensely! (Kamekichi)
Esbjörn Svensson Trio - Cornette (ACT)
Eno’s Slaughter - Warren Spahn Ranch (Three Lobed)
Volcano The Bear - Cond (Miasmah)
山下洋輔トリオ & 筒井康隆 - (Excerpt from) バブリング創世記 (Victor)
Arve Henriksen & David Sylvain - Before and Afterlife (ECM)
Kondo-Kaiser Duo (Toshinori Kondo & Henry Kaiser) - Improvisation 102d (Metalanguage)
Midori Takada - Catastrophe Σ (RCA/WRWTFWW)

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