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Pattern Dissection #40 with DJ Puddle and Mark

24 October 2020
  • Avant-Garde
  • Free Jazz
  • Improv
  • Jazz
  • Playful
  • Intense

playing free jazz records and related sounds of improvised nature.

this episode was going by the name Klon Puddle Dissection since it has been presented by our guest hosts DJ Puddle (a.k.a. Wilted Woman) from Deep Puddle and Mark from Klon Dump.



Art Ensemble of Chicago - Thème de Yoyo (Pathé)
Roscoe Mitchell - Chant (Douglas / Casablanca)
Andrew Bernstein - Pressure Wave Meditations I - XXII (Hausu Mountain)
John Butcher - Calls From a Rusty Cage (Confront)
Jasmine Guffond - Forever Listening (Editions Mego)
Anthony Braxton / Derek Bailey - The First Set - Area 5 (Emanem)
Milford Graves / Don Pullen - P.G. III (SRP / Corbett vs. Dempsey)
Will Guthrie - Pacemaker (Ideal)
Bernard Parmegiani - JazzEx (Plate Lunch / Fractal)
John Tchicai with Strings - Hymn (Treader)
Gebrochene Beine - Lächeln (Sky Walking)
The Durutti Column - Jazz (Factory)
Paul Hession / Alan Wilkinson / Simon H. Fell - The Assumption (Bruce's Fingers)