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Pattern Dissection #43

16 January 2021

playing free jazz records and related sounds of improvised nature.


Michihiro Sato / Tenko / Mark Miller - SM/T/MM (Hat Hut)
Noor - First Night (Low Company)
Patricia Brennan - Improvisation III (Valley of Search)
Ikuro Takahashi - Drum Set Solo (An'archives)
Lowell Davidson Trio - Ad Hoc (ESP Disk)
Alexander Hawkins Trio - Perhaps 5 or 6 Different Colours (Alexander Hawkins Music)
Amiri Baraka - Black History Music (Excerpt) (Enja)
Sholto Dobie - Nevery (Thanet Tape Centre)
Xu Feng Xia - Shanghai Flood (FMP)
Sam Rivers Quintet - Universal Message (NoBusiness)
Jooklo Trio - Shitty Kid (Relative Pitch)
Claire Potter / Bridget Hayden - Wild Water Pigeon (Fort Evil Fruit)

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