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Pattern Z #17 with Ringo Libak & special guest André Uhl – Hazy Past & Future Twilight

28 September 2018

Pattern Z – A quest for improvised, electronic & film music. A trip to the movies & back. A trinity of sounds, silence & words.

André Uhl with a special, soundtracks only DJ set with sounds from all times, dimensions & spaces. 

André Uhl is a musician and futurist born in Essen and based in Berlin. André merges noise and synthesizer lines converging them into dark, driving and cinematic pieces of music. His productions combine detailed and spatial audio design with simple, yet haunting melodies. André holds a master’s degree in futures research, a fact that reflects in his compositions and leaves traces in his sound: tales of the hazy past and the twilight of the future. His strong live performances have seen him play at Torstrassen Festival Berlin, Supynes Festival in Vilnius and Les Digitales Festival in Lucerne. His collaboration with video artist Jem the Misfit, the Creatures live AV show, was selected for the Mapping Festival in Geneva. André’s debut album “I hope the roof flies off, and I get sucked up into space.”, released in November 2017 on Neofakt, is accompanied by a booklet of 13 short stories, each by a different writer.


André Uhl - Go out, get lost
André Uhl - Grounds
André Uhl - Too fat to hide

André Uhl DJ Set:

Goblin - Suspiria
Fabio Frizzi - City of the living dead
Terry Tucker - Overture to the sun
John Harrison - Break down
BSO - You're next
Rob - Haunted
John Carpenter - Christine
Geino Yamashirogumi - Kaneda's theme
Josef van Wissem & SQÜRL - Streets of Tangier
Pink Floyd - Crumbling land
School of the Seven Bells - Trance figure
Bill Conti - Dan ducks out
John Carpenter - Assault on Precinct 13
Tangerine Dream - Beach Scene
Third Ear Band - Fleance
Michel Rubini - Graham's theme

André Uhl - Follow me
André Uhl - Get in the car

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