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Plastik Universe #15 with Frans Ambient & Andre Pahl

17 June 2017
  • Ambient
  • Balearic
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Folk/Regional
  • Dreamy
  • Ethereal
  • Exotic
  • Flowing
  • Hypnotic


first hour.

Aloa - Seltsame Ranken
E-Man - Hosono
Smagghe & Cross - Jazz
KOD - Opium
Argile - Tagtraum Eines Elefanten
The Ghostwriters - Rococco
Muziekkamer - The speckled band
Five Times Of Dust - Estate children
Alu - Halt dich fest
Broken Tables - The ruins
Ende Shneafliet - Champagne
Tarzana - Aerofoils In Heat
Muziekkamer - Anvers Anvers
The Trash Company - Modern love

second hour.

Andre Pahl:
Günter Schickert - In der Zeit
Between - Contemplation
Bodies of Water - Open Rhythms (Mudd's Ellis Beach Dub)
A.C. Marias - Just Talk
El Sueño De Hyparco - Rhodas
Dead Can Dance - Yulunga
Andreas Hofer - Untitled
Sopwith Camel - Fazon
Carlos Maria Trindade - Blu Terra
Tolouse Low Trax
Wilfred Percussion - Andei
Il Guardiano Del Faro - Disco Divina (Hysteric Edit)
Ivo Andrić
Suzanne Menzel - What A Winter's Day

André Pahl (Berlin) is known for his Safari mixes — pitched down cinematic journeys through uncharted seas, forbidden deserts and distant galaxies.
He moves between psychedelic trips, voodoo percussions and sometimes more electronic explorations of the the slower heart-beat rates of danceable music.

He had a rendezvous with Mexico City’s lunatic music scene while living there for some years, co-running the label “Nuevos Ricos” and starting to DJ in neighbourhood street parties, shady night clubs and art happenings inside jammed subway stations.

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