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Plastik Universe #26 with Frans Ambient & Dj Mixsoup

21 September 2018
  • Ambient
  • Avant-Garde
  • Art-Rock
  • Drone
  • Electronic
  • Atmospheric
  • Celebratory
  • Cinematic
  • Dreamy
  • Ethereal


Fabrice Havenne / DJ Mixsoup, lived in Brussels for 15 years before moving to Berlin. He operates as a Community Manager for a variety of clients, of which famed record label Sub Rosa.



Dj Mixsoup

- Jean Roche "Rancho Grande" (Sub Rosa)

- Ensemble Modelo62 "in CirCles II (Movs. I-IV)"
- Bit-Tuner "Arabian Nights - 1" (album AN 1.1)

- R.A.N. "Şeb-i Yelda" (album Şeb-i Yelda)

- Prairie "Hard Water:Cracked Ice (Yves De Mey Remix)" (After the Flash Flood Remixes) (Denovali)

- Bérangère Maximin "The Broken Shoe" (Shape Platform 2018 compilation "Sound, Heterogenous Art And Performance In Europe ")
- Hair & Treasure "Bijou Bastard Box Room Suite" (Discrepant)

- Stella Chiweshe "Kasahwa / Innermost Emotional Pain is like a Fishbone Stuck in the Throat" (album Kasahwa: Early Singles) (Glitterbeat)

- Rimarimba "The One That Got Away" (album Below The Horizon)

- Panchasila "Patpong" (album Panchasila) (Suca Tapes / Discrepant)
- Map 71 "Primary Radioaction" (album Void Axis)

- Zwitschermaschine "Geh über die Grenze" (V.A. Notes from the Underground. Experimental Sounds Behind the Iron Curtain, 1968–1989)

- Tom Richards "Pink Something" (album Pink Nothing)

- New Tendencies "L5 - Trust"

- Jung An Tagen "23:08 This Was The Last Message" (Shape Platform 2018 compilation "Sound, Heterogenous Art And Performance In Europe ")

- Sonae "Wearing Black Remixes - Majority Vote (Electric Indigo Remix)"

- Portland Vows "New Scene" (The Wire Tapper 47)

- Ale Hop "Migration Data (extended version)" (Below The Radar 28)