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please mind the gap #2 with marimoriko

9 October 2017

this episode brings you a selection of popular japanese vocaloid songs, each followed by lyric google translations spoken by various text-to-speech voices. looking at the cross-section of popular songs and their lyrics, we get a rather good indication and depiction of a very particular society, perhaps even an insight into the everyday lives of japanese teens up to adulthood and their realities based mostly on school, relationships, internet, loneliness etc.

this is followed by an episode of “sumatto”, found online erotic literature for women by women, text this time by fiona zedde.


meteo / john zeroness
unknown mother goose / wowaka
planet of sand / hachi
imagination tax / deco 27
eye examination / 40 metre p
ten-faced / ym
tears of the lost one / neru
torinokocity / 40 meter p

latest episode of "sumatto"

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