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please mind the gap #3 with marimoriko

7 November 2017

introduction into tracks and early recordings using synthesised vocal instruments such as vocoders or voders.

this episode also introduces the works of two artists working with the synthesised voice. helen hess is a sound artist based in berlin, and her piece “mfxthe voices in my pocket” looks at the synthesised female voices of siri and cortana in conversation on feminism, judith butler and the implications of not having a body. annie goh is a sound artist and academic, currently finishing her phd at goldsmiths among many other activities, and i will be playing some excerpts from her body of work on sounding cyberfeminism.

we finish with a korean version of “sumatto”, which will be shown as a sculptural piece to listen into at “sfx seoul – revolution will not be televised.”


Nasty Rock / The P Crew
Will Powers / Adventures in Success
Helen Hess / MFXThe Voices in My Pocket
Donald Sherman Orders a Pizza
Annie Goh / Excerpts from Cyber*Feminist Computer Music
The Voder 1939
O Superman & Laurie Anderson

Korean version of "sumatto"

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