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please mind the gap he mandopop episode

1 September 2020

A crash course introduction, definition and overview of what is known as Mandopop, which constitutes a large part of C-pop (Chinese pop) which we covered a few sessions back. This episode is compiled by Homing, currently teaching Sound Art at Tunghai University in Taichun, all the way from Taiwan.


1. Yao Su Rong 《Thief of the Heart》/ 姚蘇蓉 《偷心的人》(1968)
2. Theresa Teng《Beautiful Hopes》/ 鄧麗君《美麗的希望》(1968)
3. You Ya 《Past Days are What I Can Recall》/ 尤雅《往事只能回味》(1970)
4. Oyong Fei Fei 《Passionate Desert》/ 歐陽菲菲《熱情的沙漠》(1974)
5. Frankie Gao 《Her Dimples When She Smiles》/ 高凌風《姑娘的酒窩》(1976)
6. Liu Wen-Cheng《Hotline You and Me》/ 劉文正《熱線你和我》(1983)
7. Fong Fei-fei 《Chillin'》/ 鳳飛飛《涼啊涼》(1984)
8. Chi Yu 《Olive Tree》/ 齊豫《橄欖樹》(1979)
9. Tsai Chin 《Just Like Your Tenderness》/ 蔡琴《恰似你的溫柔》(1981)
10. Lo Tayou 《Love Song 1980》/ 羅大佑《戀曲1980》(1982)
11. Pauline Lan 《Makeup Rock》/ 藍心湄《濃妝搖滾》(1984)
12. Sarah Chen 《Waking Up from the Dreams》/ 陳淑樺《夢醒時分》(1989)
13. The Little Tigers 《Green Apple Playground》/ 小虎隊《青蘋果樂園》(1992)
14. Jimmy Lin 《Not All Relationships Lead to Great Memories》/ 林志穎《不是每個戀曲都有美好回憶》(1992)
15. A-mei 《Sisters》/ 張惠妹《姐妹》(1996)
16. Wu Bai《Crush on You》/ 伍佰 《煞到你》(1998)
17. May Day《Embrace》/ 五月天 《擁抱》(1999)
18. Jay Chou 《Dad, I'm Back Home》/ 周杰倫 《爸我回來了》(2000)
19. Elva Hsiao 《Confessions》/ 蕭亞軒《表白》(2006)
20. Jolin Tsai《Gentlewomen》/ 蔡依琳《第二性》(2014)
21. Trance Baby Meow 《Meow Telepathy》/ 勸世寶貝喵喵《喵電感應》(2016)

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