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please mind the gap special mix by midori hirano

14 April 2020

Special guest mix by mimicof aka midori hirano. we get to listen to some of her favourite pieces of the moment, as well as some of her releases.


01.Midori Hirano - Before Going To Bed
02.Midori Hirano - Forgotten
03.Midori Hirano - Vanished Garden
04.Mads Emil Nielsen - Framework 12
05.Opto(Opiate & Alva Noto) - Opto File 1
06.Frank Bretschneider - a Soft Throbbing of Time
07.Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas - VI
08.Hoshiko Yamane & Makoto Sakamoto - hin
09.Anne Müller - Heliopause
10.MimiCof - Moon Synch
11.MimiCof (feat. HPrizm) - Love Control
12.Eli Keszler - Bell Underpinnings
13.Christoph Berg - Notes From Kyoto
14.Midori Hirano (feat. Christoph Berg) - Belong
15.Johannes Maria Hasling, Nico Beck & Markus Acher - Walking Through Bhaktapur
16.Atsuko Hatano & Midori Hirano - Summer Noise

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