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please mind the gap w/ marimoriko – anison 2 (80s)

16 February 2021

We look at Anison (opening and ending themes of anime) mostly from the 80s in Part 2 of the series, including Creamy Mami, Saint Seiya, Rose of Versailles, Ramu and many more!


クリィーミーマミ/Creamy Mami
1/ デリケートに好きして/Love Me Delicately
2/ 僕のクリィミーマミ/My Creamy Mami
3/ ラストキッスでGOOD LUCK!/Last Kiss Good Luck!
4/ Beautiful Shock
5/ 囁いてジュテーム-Je t'aime- / Whisper -Je t'aime-
6/ LOVEさりげなく
all 6 tracks above from Creamy Mami by 太田貴子/Takako Ohta

ベルサイユの薔薇/The Rose of Versailles
7/ 愛の光と影/Light and Shadow of Love
9/ 薔薇は美しく散る/The Rose Withers in Beauty
all 3 tracks above from ヴェルサイユの薔薇/The Rose of Versailles sung by 鈴木宏子/Hiroko Suzuki and 作曲・編曲:馬飼野康二/produced and arranged by Kouji Makaino

10/メランコリーの軌跡/Traces of Melancholy sung by 松永夏代子/Kayoko Matsunaga
11/心細いな/Lonely sung ヘレン笹野/Helen Sasano
12/ Sweet Dream sung by 成清加奈子/Kanako Narikiyo
13/ Open Invitation / Cindy
14/Dancing Star by 小林泉美/Izumi Kobayashi
15/ Margarita sung by ヘレン笹野/Helen Sasano
16/ 宇宙は大ヘンだ!/Emergency in the Universe! sung by 松谷裕子/Yuko Matsutani
17/ ラムのラブソング/Ramu’s Love Song sung by 松谷裕子/Yuko Matsutani

ときめきトゥナイト/Crush Tonight
18/ときめきトゥナイト/Crush Tonight by 加茂晴美/Harumi Kamo
19/ Super Love Lotion by 加茂晴美/Harumi Kamo

聖闘士星矢/Saint Seiya
20/ YOU ARE MY REASON TO BE by Oren Waters and 当山ひとみ/Hitomi Toyama
21/ Soldier Dream by 影山ヒロノブ&BROADWAY
22/ Best Friend by 影山ヒロノブ&BROADWAY

気まぐれオレンジロード/Kimagure Orange Road
23/ 風邪のまなざし 坪倉唯子/Yuiko Tsubokura

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