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PlusX with Nile Koetting & the Satori Culture Center hosted by Dylan Spencer-Davidson

21 March 2020
  • Arts & Culture
  • Collage
  • Experimental
  • Oddities
  • Soundscape
  • Atmospheric
  • Delicate
  • Dreamy
  • Ethereal
  • Flowing

Satori Culture Center is a walk-through of an imaginary culture center. 

The 59min audio sets out to facilitate encounters with various works of art, such as installation, performance, video work, workshop and more, through ear.

Nile Koetting is an artist working with a diverse range of formats, such as installation, performance, scenography, sound and composition. His artistic projects explore a new perception of interchanges between material­ and immaterial, living and­ non-living beings in a landscape of performative time and space. 

His works and projects have been presented at Center Pompidou x Westbund Museum, Palais de Tokyo, Kunstverein Göttingen, Moscow Biennale 2017, Somerset House, ZKM Karlsruhe, Hebbel Am Ufer Theater, Western Front, Mori Art Museum, Maison Hermès Tokyo-Fondation d’entreprise Hermès. 


insta (@nilekoetting)


Adam Kaplan is an artist and filmmaker living in Berlin. Focusing on nostalgia, club culture and the military-entertainment complex, his works deal with the way culture defines our memory of contemporary moments.


instagram (@a_trilenium)

Francesco Cavaliere is an artist. His works are capable of enlivening his listeners’ inner states in an imaginative journey populated by ephemeral presences, phenomena generated by glass, minerals and voices recorded using analogue technologies.

instagram (@cavaliere.circles)

Hideki Umezawa is an Artist lives and works in Japan, produces sound and image works. He received a number of awards, including PRESQUE RIEN Prize (2015).

instagram (@hdkzmzw)

Koichi Sato Artist lives in Tokyo, produces installation works with video, sound and scent. He recently presented solo exhibitions at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (2019) and Shiseido Gallery (2018) in Japan.

instagram (@_koichisato)

Martina Lussi is a Swiss artist, originally from Lucerne, creates installations, compositions and performances at the intersection of sound and visual arts.


instagram (@martina_lussi)

Miriam Stoney is a writer and researcher based in Vienna. Often working collaboratively with visual artists, her writing explores architectures of selfhood in the various ecologies we inhabit.

Nozomu Matsumoto Nozomu Matsumoto is a Tokyo-based sound artist. He has been producing ‘-therapy’ series (Climatotherapy, Immunotherapy) as well as releases including vinyl record and composition for performance and installation for various artists.

instagram (@nozomumatsumoto)

Steve Bishop is a London-based artist. He focuses on creating complex, surreal spatial environments that conjure subtle emotional states through the evocation of abstract, biographically informed, dream-like parallel worlds.


instagram (@s_t_e_v_e_b_i_s_h_o_p)

Tomoko Sauvage is a Japanese musician and artist based in Paris. She investigates the sculpturality of sound and improvisation in relation to the environment.


instagram (@tomokosauvage)

Vinzenz Schwab works in the field of electroacoustic composition, improvised music/live electronics, sound design and music for film/video. 


Exhibited Works and Program 

(1) Entrance Hall  

Nozomu Matsumoto

“Hop Music”

Multimedia installation

Hop Music is a permanent installation presented at the entrance of Satori Culture Center composed by Yokohama based artist and curator Nozomu Matsumoto. The ever morphing sound greets visitors and the environment.  

(2) Foyer

Miriam Stoney and Vinzenz Schwab 

“The human argument on Berzelius” 

Sound Installation 

Taking a reading from Book of Dust by American conceptual artist Agnes Denes, this sound installation imagines the dust-scape of the institution as the entry point into the continuum of particulate matter, connecting urban environments, the more-than-human world and the universe at large.

(3) Glass Pavilion

Hideki Umezawa & Koichi Sato

“Migrating Garden” 

Video installation

“Migrating Garden” is a site-specific video installation. Using the unique location of the Glass Pavilion in Satori Culture Center, the installation stimulates the audience through audio visual experience where video, sound, scents of tar and flower come together. 

(4) Exhibition Hall 1

Martina Lussi 

“I will Come Back To You”


“I Will Come Back To You” is a sound piece presented on headphones. It was conceived for the exhibition Attitudes at SALTS in Basel. The sound features a female voice which advises the listener to walk around and have a look at the object of the other artists featured in the same room. Thereafter, the voice advises the listener to sit down and concentrate on the sound. Only one listener at a time can perceive the sound. The artist uses and refers to meditation techniques.

(5) SCC Kids Workshop Space 

Nile Koetting 

“Art History Game for Children” 

Educational Program

Do you think Art History is only for intellectuals and artists? No! In our special weekly program by SCC Educational team we learn important art history through fun dance games. 

Recommended age is from 6 and up. 

(6) Exhibition Hall 2

Steve Bishop


By the Boundary, explores feelings of personal memory in relation to physical domestic boundaries. Utilising a mixture of recorded footage and found video with field recordings and pop ballads, the video treads a line between voyeuristic intrusion and commemorative sentiment.

(7) Cafe Restaurant Sunshine

Nozomu Matsumoto

Cafe Restaurant Sunshine 

Opening time: 10:00 – 19:00 (Last Order 18:00)

(8) Lakeside Concert 

Tomoko Sauvage and Francesco Cavaliere

“≒ AO (blue light is green)”


A duo of Francesco Cavaliere – artist/ musician from Italy, and Tomoko Sauvage – artist/ musician from Paris. “≓ AO (blue light is green)” is presenting a relationship between musical instruments and visual art with combination of installation, sculpture, and performing arts. 

(9) Auditorium

SCC – Music meets Performance Series

“48 variations piano for two pianos by John Mcguire”

Dance Performance 

In the third edition of Music meets Performance, SCC invites pianists Yuki Miyabashi and Toru Tanaka to join SCC artist in resident- performance duo ENL!GHTMENT – in an improvisational dance performance with a composition by American composer and organist John Mcguire. 

(10) Rooftop Party 

Adam Kaplan 


Video with Sound 

Buildups is an intense forensic fiction, importing espionage footage back into the world of CGI through which they were first conceived. It is juxtaposed with a music compilation of buildups segments from millennial trance tracks – juvenile ever-accelerating beat-less crescendos, a loop that ends where it begins.

Satori Culture Center by Nile Koetting

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