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PlusX with caner teker & the Queer Sound An-Archive hosted by Gina Merz

15 May 2020
  • Arts & Culture
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Oddities
  • Soundscape
  • Atmospheric
  • Dark
  • Druggy
  • Hypnotic
  • Intense


What you will hear is the original recording of KIRKPINAR, a performance by caner teker in collaboration with Aaron Ratajczyk, Lou Drago, Valerie Anna Zwoboda and Isabel Gatzke premiered at Tanztage 2020 at Sophiensaele curated by Anna Mülter.

The performance was part of the accessibility program called „Relaxed Performance“ at Sophiensaele, in which silence during the performance is not mandatory and those who wish can come and go during the show. It‘s aimed at all those who feel more comfortable in a laid-back and sensorially relaxed atmosphere.

caner invited several allies that witnessed the performance to form a collaborative queer sound an-archive on a textual as well as on an auditory level. The contributions were collected by their memory.

with contributions by Lou Drago, S Ruston, Stanton Taylor, Magdalena Emmerig, Erkan Affan and Ursula Xanadu.

Text contributions 

Stanton Taylor translated by Gamze Kafar and spoken by Eren Demirel

Lou Drago 

Magdalena Emmerig 

Erkan Affan 

S Ruston 

Stanton Taylor translated by Good & Cheap Translators and spoken by caner teker

Stanton Taylor spoken by caner teker


produced by caner teker & S Ruston

with generous support by joy mariama smith


caner teker : @ibne__ 

Lou Drago : @lou__drago 

Magdalena: @shakersg0nnashake 

Erkan Affan: @erkan_affan 

S Ruston: @s_ruston 

Stanton Taylor: @happinessdevoursthefuture

Eren Demirel: @erendemirel

Gamze Kafar: @gamzekafar

Ursula Xanadu: @ursulaxanadu 

caner teker


Ursula Xanadu

Valerie Anna Zwoboda - Untitled

Valerie Anna Zwoboda - Untitled

Eleh - Death is Eternal Bliss

Aycan Yeter - Yol Havası

Gorgoroth - Sign of an Open Eye

Valerie Anna Zwoboda - Untitled

L’Estasi Dell’oro - Iscariotic Lips Acapella