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PlusX with Frances Drayson hosted by M.S.

04 March 2023
  • Arts & Culture
  • Experimental
  • Oddities
  • Poetry
  • Reading
  • Atmospheric
  • Cinematic
  • Ethereal
  • Hypnotic
  • Sensual


Detective-work, faulty memory recall, following the paperwork, long and short cycles, planetary movements.

Frances invited artists and musicians to respond to themes of ordering and making sense by contributing an audio clip to be used in the show. These clips were responded to in the adaptation and reading of Drayson's ongoing text piece, Retent (2022+). Learning music by ear, private investigation fantasies and a natal chart reading are some examples of attempted re/ organisation heard over the course of the hour. Readings of the text are performed by Tom Railton, JJ Chan, Sara Knowland and Frances Drayson.

Thank you to all the contributors and facilitators, with thanks also to Matilda Moors, Emma Matell, Mick Suter, Sophie Paul and Daniel Burley.



Alias Conrad Coldwood - Rainy day (and meat) //
introduction //
Isabel Mallet – Trumpet and trains at 34 Street - Herald Square Station //
reading //
Still House Plants - Chicane //
reading //
Lou Lou Sainsbury & Gabi Dao - STE-095 //
reading //
Elliot Dodd - Dual Arm 09 //
reading //
Florence Scott Anderton - Waghorn, 2 October 2018, Joan
Melanie Counsell - A_SIDE_MOUSE_MASTERED_1 (last house mix) //
Isabel Mallet - Vending Machine Polyrhythm //
readings //
DJ Gonz - Closer //
Kobby Adi - Bridge //
reading //
Isabel Mallet and Sophie Lee – Fridge Harmony //
Margot Wilson – astrology consultation //
Georgia - B.P. Date