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PlusX with Malina Heinemann & Vanda Skacalova hosted by Sebastjan Brank

17 April 2021
  • Arts & Culture
  • Avant-Garde
  • Experimental
  • Oddities
  • Poetry
  • Atmospheric
  • Chaotic
  • Dark
  • Confused
  • Ethereal

This episode of PlusX features a sound-and-word-collage by Berlin-based artists Vanda Skacalova and Malina Heinemann.

The Cloud has been accumulating since the moment of the global lockdown expansion in spring ‘twenty.

The Cloud pours the jet stream of real-time()wire-less transcript: signs reversed to data. ever condensing thus transgressing the very understanding of linear (and enclosed) structure;

The Cloud transmits via chopped up dimensions. single voice,s an edited monologue,(inserts story into yours) space key memory unfolds: time and passages, noted in italic.

Vanda Skacalova (@vandaska_)

Malina Heinemann (@____malyna____ )

joined by a choir consisting of Don Arentino (@donryel), Emma Czerny (@mgcislnd), Niclas Hille (@st.niclas), Joshua Martin Hyde (@joshua_m_hyde), Sam Kavanagh, Tatiana Makrinova (@synthtati), Ieva Valule (@ievavalule),

vocal improvisation by Mikey Woodbridge (@mikey.woodbridge)

mastering by Jonas Förster 

visuals based on drone footage by Joseph Kadow @josephkadow

The Cloud 1