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PlusX with Skjold Rambow, Rasmus Balling and Thomas Pozar hosted by Nikolas Brummer

24 June 2023
  • Radio Play
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  • Dreamy

“Ghost Light” is a radio play about a protagonist character who only appears through theatrical roles. Relating to archetypes of the dramatic world, it turns the inside of a theater outward, playfully rendering both the construction and deconstruction of our imagination. In a tongue-in-cheek questioning of “who we are”, it uses fiction and hard facts to blur the lines of introspection and self-realization.

Ghost Light took place on 24th of June 2023 as a live performance and theatrical listening session by artist Skjold Rambow – conceived with Thomas Pozar and Rasmus Balling, and organized by art space PlusX in cooperation with the Berlin radio station Cashmere Radio.

Writing and directions: Rasmus Balling

Performers: Thomas Pozar, Rasmus Balling and Skjold Rambow

Music: CTM, Croatian Amor, Zuli

Sound Design: Thomas Pozar

Styling: Sofie Fæste Hartlev

Consulting: Nikolas Brummer

Ghost Light